book trailer for the book Artiskokhjerte by author Line-Maria Lång

camera: James Paul Hjertholm

book trailer for the book  Blå Tiger by author Line-Maria Lång

book trailer for the book Borgerliggt Tusmørke by author Simon Fruelund

music: Mennesker&Muld aka Mads Madsen Olesen

trailer for Et Familieforetagende/A Family Business, 30 min

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Family – we either hate them or love them – but we are never quite free of them.

‘A Family Business’ is an absurd dramatic comedy about the family as an institution – a portrayal of pretences, things left unsaid and undying loyalty.

director           Carina Randløv

Screenplay      Carina Randløv, Line Knutzon

Producer         Per Damgaard Hansen

trailer for Det Uopnåelige/The Unachieveable, 43 min film

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The film unfolds at the same time humorous and dead-serious projects and is also a portrait of an insisting system fighter, the man behind the projects, Fluxus-artist and project genius Knud Pedersen. Knud's way to approach the establishment, be it the Quenn, the government, NATO, was unique, and above all "Jantelov". Eventually it can all be looked at in relation to the fact that Knud was imprisoned during World War II, by Denmark, because of his relation with the resistance group, The Churchill Group. One project that the film unfolds is the job application for the general secretary of NATO: "Your excellency, I am 83 years old, and have spent a large part of my life on different stings, without ever succeeding to kill anyone. I am willing to meet new challenges though."

Turbulens, short film

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mirror mirror

music video for the danish songwtiter Penny Police

be lucky

music video for the danish songwtiter Penny Police

mouth of time

music video for CALLmeKAT

camera: Kim Wendt

the medic blues

music video for the danish band CODY

nogle gange og derimellem

music video for the danish band mennesker&muld

Nail in The Wall

music video for The Desoto Caucus

camera_Kim Wendt


music video for Marie Frank

camera: Kim Wendt

Forår i Trafiksignalet

music video for the danish band Mørtel

video made for the danish housing association AKB

camera: Kim Wendt