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"Do we create enough space for mistakes within the film system?"

Do we need to make more mistakes to keep the film language alive as cinema window no 1, in a time of high performance streaming platforms? Can we use the open process approach from visual art to do so? In this exposition I will unfold thematic aspects related to: the audience, the film funding system, open processes, the production value, the space in between (art and film, documentary and fiction), something about language, the mistake, experiments, the ugly, and expectations on format. The exposition is the result of six months of preliminary Artistic Research conducted at The National Film School of Denmark.


initiativtager og vært ved STUE MØDER

en tilbagevendende række af søndag eftermiddags møder mellem en kunstner og et lille lokalt publikum i en stue, i et hus, i Vejringe på Falster

Jeg er ikke desperat/I am not desperate, desperate video peeps on desperation, made in collaboration with actor Stina Mølgaard


A film by Carina Randløv and Molly Haslund.

The sculptures for Mårtenstorget by Molly Haslund are commissioned by the city of Lund and realised in collaboration with Lund konsthall 2018.
The animation is commissioned by Lund konsthall and financed by the Danish Arts Council.
Animation by Carina Carina Randloev.
To see the film in full visit Lunds konsthall. Full lenght 8 minutes.


Screenshot_2020-08-14 The Carousel Conce

sparring og udvikling af originalt visuelt koncept & layout til Marion Reuters KUV ressearch, DDSKS, The Caroussel Concept

Den Flyvende Bøf og andre historier fra Marie-Louise Kristensens Fabulerende smykkeunivers. Animations for the exhibition, Koldinghus

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