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Documentary feature, "Farvel uden Tak"(Thanks for your service) was shown at CPH:DOX 2023


"Do we create enough space for mistakes within the film system?"

Do we need to make more mistakes to keep the film language alive as cinema window no 1, in a time of high performance streaming platforms? Can we use the open process approach from visual art to do so? In this exposition I will unfold thematic aspects related to: the audience, the film funding system, open processes, the production value, the space in between (art and film, documentary and fiction), something about language, the mistake, experiments, the ugly, and expectations on format. The exposition is the result of six months of preliminary Artistic Research conducted at The National Film School of Denmark.

Screenshot 2023-05-26 at 22-32-32 Entre debat special – Fejlens værdi CAKI.png
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